Can a Lightsaber Cut Through Superman?

superman-vs.jedi.jpgCan a gadget defeat a superhero? Here's a question io9 posed: can a lightsaber cut through Superman? We put both our nerdy gadget knowledge and our nerdy superhero knowledge to the test and came up with reasons why it could and reasons why it couldn't.

• If the lightsaber crystal was green, like green kryptonite, or if they actually used kryptonite as the crystal, then Superman would melt like a hot knife through even hotter dog droppings.
• Superman's been injured by lasers before (see most aliens he's fought), so an extremely focused laser like a lightsaber could possibly hurt him if applied directly to the skin for a long enough time.
• If he were under the effects of kryptonite, when even bullets can hurt him, then a lightsaber could definitely chop off parts of his body.

• What type of radiation does the lightsaber emit? It's light, and Superman gets power from the sun, so the lightsaber could be a refreshing lamp.
• It would just burn off his clothes, like in Superman 2, but it wouldn't hurt him.
• He uses lasers (his own heat vision) to shave himself, so the best the lightsaber could do would to singe his chest hair, or give him a nice shave down there.
• Jedis can't actually cut through "everything" with the sword. Example: the big huge door in Episode I. They had to jam in their lightsabers and "melt" a doorway inside the door. The sword was fast to go into the door because they applied all the force to the tip, but was slow cutting because the Jedis are only so strong. Picture you cutting through a watermelon. In the same principle, a lightsaber technically might be able to cut through Superman, but there's nobody strong enough to force it through. Unless you somehow get the Hulk to use a lightsaber. But the Hulk doesn't exist.

Verdict: Superman wins! [Thanks to Achal for his Superman knowledge.]

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    a lightsabre would kick supermans arse, just use a piece of kryptonite as a power crystal and then hack his head off (and the rest of his limbs)

    I would use a red bladed light saber. A red sun rendered superman just as strong as a normal person. Perhaps that would work better. A red blade that had the same spectra as kryptons red sun.

    • What type of radiation does the lightsaber emit? It’s light, and Superman gets power from the sun, so the lightsaber could be a refreshing lamp.

    This logic is flawed. Yes, a Lightsaber emits pure light energy, but Superman does not get his strength from just light. By that logic, all he needs to be strong is a flourescent light bulb. His strength comes from the solar radiation emitted by an yellow sun, which a lightsaber does NOT mimic. Now I need to wash the taste of nerd out of my mouth.

    Like Bour said, the light thing is false. his power comes from the properties of our sun, not light in general.
    next, almost none of the super man movies are accurate.
    heat vision isn't so much a laser as an energy beam. friction isolated into a beam to produce heat.
    and lastly, the door reference. this is also inaccurate. they can not do it quickly not because they are to weak, because strength is irrelevant in the situation, but because if they went any faster the molten metal of the door would fuse back together instead of burning away. the only strength you need to cut anything with a lightsaber (other than shields, which seems to be impossible) is the strength you need to pick up the hilt, the blade is weightless and frictionless.

    Lightsabers are technically plasma, not light. Plasma is superheated gas, and in a lightsaber is contained via magnets. The crystals used have a certain refractive quality which focuses the plasma stream into the magnetic constraining equipment. Now. Given that, kryptonite would not work.

    "the only strength you need to cut anything with a lightsaber (other than shields, which seems to be impossible) is the strength you need to pick up the hilt, the blade is weightless and frictionless." Not entirely true. Lightsabers are not weightless. Lightsabers are gyroscopic due to the circulation of the plasma, thus meaning it requires some strength to move it through the air.


    "When cutting through dense material, the immense electromagnetic field generated by the arc causes resistance rather than letting solid matter enter and interrupt the arc. This gives the blade a feeling of being solid when immersed in dense material. Rarely, some solid materials can actually pass through the electromagnetic field and short out the arc. Other Electromagnetic energy fields and coherent energy are also repelled by lightsabers' arcs. These include most force fields, blaster bolts, and other lightsaber blades."

    Also, he gets power from a yellow sun, not a red sun or just any lightsource, so whoever made this article is a DUMBASS

    Veltrusen seems to be the only one who knows his stuff regarding lightsabers. They're not laser weapons.

    The matter is a question of density. Superdense materials (like the hull-grade bulkhead door Qui-Gon tries punching through in Episode I) are damageable, but not instantaneously vaporized like flesh. I've seen different writers (comics and movies) clock Superman's skin's density up and down the dial (the only thing they agree on is that it's bulletproof) so ultimately the answer must be "It depends on who is doing the writing." Superman would probably at the least get a nasty burn if he's that dense, and an applied continuous thrust could probably run him through, but it would probably take an ultimately strong character or a Superman-hating writer to cause Supes to become an amputee.

    Actually a light saber is a stick that glows and with the help of sound effects and special effects can look a little brighter than it actually is and make sounds


    "Unless you somehow get the Hulk to use a lightsaber. But the Hulk doesn’t exist."

    but lightsabers and superman do?

    Superman is too fast for any human to swing a lightsaber quick enough to hit him, therefore, you can't cut through him with one. :P

    Who said anything human? A Saiyan or Krillin can do it

    ''Superman is too fast for any human to swing a lightsaber quick enough to hit him, therefore, you can’t cut through him with one. :P''

    i sense a fail in this one...
    Jedi have a precognition power, meaning they can foresee exactly where Superman will be moving while using his superspeed. all you have to do is wait for him to attack you and execute a parry with your lightsaber :p sups will practically cut himself :D

    Yoda said that the future is always in motion, making it hard to read. The Jedi's precognition power only spans a couple seconds unless they really try. To say that they could match the speed of Superman is saying that they are just slightly slower. Superman moves fast enough that even precognition would still be difficult to rely on. Maybe if the Jedi had specialized training fighting speedy opponents.

    i'm sorry, but a jedi or a sith could kick superman's ass. hell, even without a lightsaber they would still be a formidable opponent, because of their small degree of precognition as well as their force powers. lightning might be somewhat effective against Superman, I'm not up-to-date on his electrical confrontations if any, but even the telekinesis would be useful, I mean with enough concentration they could definitely hold Superman in place or bring a building down on top of him to slow him down. with a lightsaber the jedi wins, hands-down, without one, it becomes much closer and would depend upon the particular jedi or sith combatants abilities, as well as what is available in the environment to fight with (e.g. is there a chunk of kyryptonite lying around? what planet are they fighting on? what kind of radiation do the nearest stars give out?)

    A lightsaber could cut superman if it was wielded by the Incredible Hulk, but the Hulk isn't real so that's just ridiculous.

    LoL...I dont think jedi's can block laser vision. Nor can they react to superman's speed. You really think that he would have human reflexes moving that fast? How would he ever run or fly continuously without smashing into everything in front of him? He can run an entire circle around of of those guys and rip a head off before they had the time to move their eyes.

    If a jedi got the jump and applied a force power, i dunno if superman has too much strength to handle.

    You say Supes if faster but that isn't entirely correct. Jedi and Sith can channel the force into their body and make them selves stronger and faster. Now it would probably take a master of the force to do it but in theory a jedi could be as fast, strong, and resilent as Superman. They could also just absorb Supermans life energy with force drain and give him the Coup de grace with the lightsaber.

    Obviously the Jedi would just hand Superman the lightsaber and mind-trick him into jumping on it.

    I don't remember superman being immune to Jedi mind tricks so forced suicide seems like the easiest way.

    wait a sec, so if the hulk isn't real then isn't it fair to say that superman isn't either? With that said what about other people like sonic or even spider man wielding a light saber?

    Maybe if you gave Chuck Norris a lightsaber it would work.... I'm surprised that there are no chuck norris comments yet....

    Actually Superman's locale would have everything to do with it. If he were near Krypton, he would get cut in half. Who's to say the suns on Tatooine would yield any superhuman qualities like the sun in our solar system would? He could quite possibly get his ass kicked by a wamp rat.

      yeah I spelled it wrong :( lol

    "the Hulk doesn’t exist" Uh, news flash: Neither does Superman or light sabers.

    Thank you, now i feel obligated to tell you what a vagina feels like...

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    just fire up the death star.....that should take care of it

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