C3PO, Indiana Jones, Clone Wars Trooper Life-Size Lego Models Are Awesomely Huge

We just spotted these great, life-sized Lego models of Indiana Jones, C3PO and a Clone Wars Trooper at the annual Toy Fair. We asked how many Lego bricks it took to construct each one, but were told that it was "a big secret." We couldn't care less, they look amazing, and we desperately need some new office furnishings to brighten up the place. Unfortunately, these are just show pieces, and those hoping for a gigantic Indiana Jones Lego pack will have to make do with these (movie spoiler) kits instead. Clone Wars fans get some smaller Lego-loving, too, but we want them so bad, we're going to try and smuggle the life-size models out. Stay tuned for news on the covert operation. Checkout the gallery for a ton of awesome images.

IMG_6125IMG_6139IMG_6133IMG_6141IMG_6143IMG_6135Life size LegoIMG_6138IMG_6140IMG_6142IMG_6130IMG_6131IMG_6128IMG_6126IMG_6127IMG_6121IMG_6124IMG_6119

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