BSOD: Vegas Edition

Imagine walking down the strip in Vegas and seeing this giant BSOD. Sure, it may not be the biggest we have ever seen, but it comes in at a respectable second position. The images were captured by Christopher Kimbell as he was going about his holiday fun in Las Vegas. Even though Christopher was most likely inebriated, cashless and newly married, he still managed to grab these great pictures from the Paris hotel's display stand. In thanks, we'll forget his devious ways in Vegas and not mention any of the naughty things he got up to. We do have our suspicions that this may be a great PS work, but if it is, what the heck, it still looks crazy cool. Jump for a shot from the next morning, showing the mother of all Explorer bars.

Day%20BSOD%20Paris%20Vegas%20GI.jpgYeah, it is enormous, but this still doesn't beat the most embarrassing BSOD, ever. That was real bad. Shame, Mr iPhone. No, we will not let you forget it. [The Daily WTF]

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