Bluetooth Technology to Piggyback on Wi-Fi, Set to Speed Up Dramatically

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are awesome technologies that we now take for granted, but what if the two combined in Mighty Morphing Power Ranger style to create a superior means of wireless data transmission? Well, Michael Foley of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group has said such a pairing is set to make an appearance into a broad range of gadgets by the middle of next year. The combination will speed up data transfers by allowing large files to be transmitted using the integrated Wi-Fi radios.

Of course, battery conservation will be important, and the Wi-Fi radios will be deactivated when not in use. Some laptops already use this mechanism to communicate data, however two separate chips are currently used. The official partnership with the main players in the field will ensure a unified chip containing both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth components are instead used. This will not only bring down costs, but also make for a more compact design. It all sounds very promising, and we'll be sure to keep you tuned in with any developments. [Wired]

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