Binatone Carrera's S350 GPS Unit is Unbelievably Sexist

According to a recent press release from UK based Binatone Carerra, their new S350 GPS unit is "the perfect sat nav for women" because it comes in a "choice of colours, it is suitable for a handbag, and it is nail friendly." Apparently, "it's time women caught on to this extremely useful technology."

If that wasn't patronising enough, Binatone positions the S350 as the perfect unit to "encourage" women to take advantage of GPS technology. Like duh! It has bright shiny colours that can be changed to match my many moods—and it's super easy to use! Plus, it has a super space age stylus to protect my pretty nails. Now I can "confidently follow door to door directions when driving alone!" Thank God Binatone is out there to protect all of us poor defenseless women who are aimlessly wandering the highways." Anyway, if you can look past all of this stupidity, the S350 is available for £99.99 or $210. [Binatone via Tech Radar and Pocket GPS World]

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