Aura Health Concept Device Drags Hippies Into the 22nd Century

The Aura Health Concept from Frog Design Mind attempts to fuse traditional healing and medical technology that is so cutting edge, we probably won't be able to build it for another 1000 years. I could break down how it is supposed to operate, but the official description illustrates it best:

First thing in the morning, the user pauses to look into the central component of the Aura, a vessel reminiscent of a Tibetan singing bowl. A camera detects his face; motion-capture systems recognise his expression; and software scans the general colour of his skin, his eyeballs, the contraction of the pupils, and the reflectivity of the face. He is prompted to repeat a certain word or hum a particular tune - and as the volume and dynamics of his voice are detected and analysed for mood, microscopic drops of saliva are captured and examined for bacteria, salinity, and other health indicators.

He then takes the second object in his hands: a semi-soft, sculptural form that gives off gently pulsing lights, colours, sounds, and vibrations as it is touched, encouraging manipulation. The user never needs to be taught what to do with the object, but can interact with it on his own terms. While his skin is in contact with the device, different wavelengths of light and sound pass through his skin: infrared light measures blood flow, ultrasonic rays scan the resistance of his skin tissue, others capture the sound and speed of his heartbeat, the firmness of his grip.

In the end, general health is projected in an "Aura" of colour, light, and sound that reflects the user's mood an alerts him to any potential health issues. There is also a "Theraputic Mode" that projects positive images, movies, colours, patterns, and shapes inside the vessel that the user can control with a white chime mallet. While the concept itself is fanciful, the idea behind it is sound. A proactive approach towards personal health could help diagnose problems before they become serious. Too bad we will all be way too dead to take advantage of this type of technology. [Frog Design via Core77]

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