Apple TV 2.0 Review

Ever since our Apple TV 1.0 review decided that Apple's thrust into the living room wasn't pantsworthy, we've been waiting for them to step up and make a revision that was. Apple TV 2.0 is their answer. (Let's stop calling it Take 2, please!) It's everything Apple TV should have been when it launched, complete with audio and video podcasts, Flickr and .Mac integration and—most importantly—movie rentals without a computer. At US$229, it's an essential part of any iTunes user's living room arsenal.

AU: Whoa there! If you're reading this thinking, "you know what? I'm gonna go and buy me one of these newfangled Apple TVs, just cos Giz said I should", then stop right now. While I have no doubt that the upgrades are totally awesome and that the Apple TV is a great product, you need to remember that we don't get the full functionality over here - there are no video rentals. Sure, one day I'm sure there will be, but not before the local networks and film studios jump on board, and we all know how difficult it is for them to embrace new technologies...

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