Altec Lansing T612: The First iPhone-Friendly, GSM Buzz-Shielding Speaker Dock

The Gadget: Altec Lansing's T612 iPod/iPhone dock, which shields against interference caused by GSM phones. Meaning you can run your iPhone through speakers without that annoying blipping.


The Price: US$199.99

The Verdict:
The hook here is the iPhone-friendliness of the product. While testing the T612, GSM buzz never occurred once, making good on Altec Lansing's claim. The dock also mutes the music when a call comes through, so you can hear your ringer and pick up the call (the T612 doesn't have speakerphone, to be clear).

On the audio side of things, the T612 is powered by two 3-inch drivers and two 1 -inch tweeters. The dock sounds good enough if you only listen to pop songs at a moderate volume that don't go too crazy with highs or lows. When you start to venture outside the musical comfort of Celine Dion, heavy bass has a hollow sound, and if you turn it up too loud, everything gets really muddy. Of course, you can adjust the bass and treble to remedy this, but then the music loses some of its punch.

Also available is a wall mount, but you have to pay an extra US$3 to have it shipped, and it doesn't look all that great. US$199.99 seems a little steep for this dock (especially compared to Logitech's US$150 Pure-Fi Anywhere ), but if you really need to dock your iPhone as a music solution, and you can't stand to deal with the interference (or putting your phone in flight mode), maybe this is for you.

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