A Robot That Pumps Your Gas, At Long Last

gasrobot1.jpgGod, don't you just hate pumping gas? I mean, you work so hard to be sitting down for as much of the day as possible, be it at your desk, on the couch or behind the wheel, and then you end up having to stand on your legs when you need to refuel. Gross! Well, the days of you pumping your own gas might be coming to an end, as the Dutch have built a gas-pumping robot that takes all the effort out of the exercise.


The $111,100 contraption comes loaded with a database of where the tank is located on cars, allowing it to open the tank door, unscrew the cap and then gingerly insert the nozzle without scratching up the paint. It'll allow you to keep the stink of gasoline off your hands and will let you stay in your toasty car when the weather is lousy, which is good, although I can't really imagine too many gas stations willing to drop six figures on such a device. We'll see! [Reuters]

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