Zalman FPSGun Mouse Reviewed (Verdict: Not Good For Man Hands)

fps_gun.jpgI have always been frustrated using a standard mouse when it comes to playing FPS on a PC. Granted, most of that is due to the fact that I suck—but I digress. Zalman's new FPSGun FG1000 is attempting to incorporate a more visceral experience into the popular FPS genre with a uniquely designed gun-like mouse. Maximum PC recently took the FPSGun for a spin, but the reality is that the device is far from perfect.


Max PC found that the position of the 2000dpi adjustable-resolution optical sensor allowed for more precise horizontal control than a traditional mouse, but only at the expense of the vertical control. They also found that the layout worked fairly well, but the device was far too small to be comfortable for those with even normal sized hands. Plus, the unique design makes it impractical for anything but gaming. Still, Kudos to Zalman for thinking out of the box on the design. Pricing information and a release date have not been announced. Full specs are available at the Zalman website. [Zalman and Maximum PC]

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