XYXX Condom Case Almost Makes Using a Condom Sexy

xyxx3.jpgI've always been kind of jealous at the array of attractive birth control cases exes have had to tote around their anti-baby pills. Condoms typically come in boxes and wrappers that are clumsy and ugly. The XYXX condom case wants to change all that with a package you actually want to keep in your pockets. Yeah it's pretty phallic looking, but we're talking about cockwrappers here.


The case is a centimeter thick, and slides open like a a cellphone with the rubber ready to go, preventing drunken Knocked Up moments. The packaging setup's aesthetically well-endowed too, with a ring of condoms surrounding the case, which looks sorta like if Apple designed contraceptives. On other hand, most Apple products now come with color options other than white, and the limited palette's a downer. Where's the neon? [Yanko Design]

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