WowWee Rovio, Everything the Aibo Should Be

WowWee, makers of such fine products as cat-hunting dragonflies, have unveiled a new, fairly badass three-wheeling robot for home use that's not all the different from the specs we've seen in Sony's new rumoured AIBO. A webcam-enabled robot featuring a Northstar GPS system, you can spy on anyone in your house from anywhere in the world.


Syncing with your PC via Wi-Fi, WowWee sees users controlling the Rovio through the internet, cellphones, and yes, even game consoles. What's really promising is that instead of just navigating through your hallways via arm-mounted webcam, you can set waypoints (aka bathrooms) within your house and send your evil minion Rovio there with the click of a button.

The Rovio can also roam your house autonomously, recharging itself at a station ala Roomba. And while LEDs will illuminate your dark, cavernous home with ease, WowWee hasn't gone so far as to offer a decent laser cannon to ward off that prick you inevitably catch boinking your wife.

(On an unrelated note, honey, I may be in Vegas, but I see everything. And I mean everything.

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