Wii Fit Mat Soaks Up Non-existent Sweat From Wii Fit Workout

wiifitmat.jpgOur colleagues from Kotaku have played with the Wii Fit balance accessory for the Wii and give it a unanimous "hate it", but we still have high hopes for the thing. Joining us in our wishful thinking is the entirety of Japan, which bought 1 million of these things already, and Japanese peripheral makers, who made a yoga mat-ish mat to cushion your knees while you're exercising on the hulk of plastic.

The mat costs less than $40 when you do the conversion, which isn't all that bad considering it comes in a box that says "Wii Fit" on it and says "Wii Fit" directly on the mat itself, something that much cheaper yoga mats do not. Yes, these are both wonderful reasons why you should purchase the Wii Fit Mat. [Famitsu via Kotaku]

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