What's the Worst Place in a Car to Put an LCD? We Report, You Decide

Audi%20A4%202%20TOP.jpgWhat do geeks do at a car show? Check out the LCD screens, of course. We just got back from the car showroom at CES and found some pretty awful examples of "pimping your ride". Take a look at the most ridiculous places these gearheads put their screens, and let's make fun of them together.

First off, the runners up:

#1. 2007 International CXT, tricked out by Treo Engineering. This bad boy sports 11 LCDs (four 23-inchers), including two in the wheel wells. Nothing says class like an LCD in the wheel well of your pickup.International%20CXT%201%20463.jpg

#2. Audi A4, pimping courtesy of Oxygen Audio. True, this car sports a lady on the side (a rarity here), but the popping screen/trunk combo a bit too phallic for our tastes.Audi%20A4%201%20463.jpg

#3. Scion, modifications by Bear Mountain Audio. With 15 LCDs this car could win on sheer volume, but the it's the angles of the in-door screens that give this one the extra push.Silver%20Scion%201%20463.jpg

#4. Mini Cooper, facelift from Quantum Audio and Hypnotic. Just when we thought you put an LCD screen in your car so you can watch it, it turns out you were doing the people driving next to you a favor.Mini%20Cooper%201%20463.jpg

And now, the finalists...

Chrysler 300, sexified by Exonic. Between the 10 LCDs, including one in the hood, something just caught our eye.

In the HOODin the backIn the doorsIn the trunkIn the headrest

Honda Civic, alterations done by RCA Mobile. RCA, even I know your name. I can't believe you'd present yourself life this, in public no less. Two LCD screens in the dash, two more that hit each other when you close the door, and one on either bumper may make this ride the Abomination of the Ball.

More RidiculousDoors OpenFrontBumper ScreenScreen on Screen Action - HOTDSC_0720

So there you have it. Hey, meatheads: just because LCDs can fit in every inch of your ride doesn't mean you have to put them there. Leave them to geeks like us.

*Big shout out to Wilson Rothman for his awesome photography!*

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