Weather Direct 4-Day Audio Weather Forecaster is Internet-Powered

weather_direct2.jpgWhat is it? In addition to being a plain ol' indoor/outdoor thermometer kit, the Weather Direct 4-Day Audio Weather Forecaster has an internet connection (through a proprietary wireless link interface) to download weather predictions for the next three days. Add text-to-voice email capability (it actually reads the subjects and sender fields as new mail shows up) and RSS feeds, and it turns the little guy into a fairly useful gadget.

Weather prediction updates come down 4 times a day and severe weather alerts come in as they are released. Apart from the initial wireless configuration and the profile updates, you don't even need a PC to use it. Multiple units can sync with a single base station and each can display custom information.

The product line is set to launch this spring with 10 different products ranging in price from $US60 to $US150, depending on feature set. [Weatherdirect]
Reporting and photo by Curtis Walker

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