Vudu XL HD Video Download Box Is Biggest Vudu Ever

vudu-thing.jpgThe new Vudu XL is the higher capacity version of the Vudu download and play video box. This Vudu model can hold 500 standard definition movies for $US999, with 1080p/24 output over HDMI and component with optical and coaxial digital sound. The Vudu XL allows you to rent and download standard- and high-definition movies from "every major US studio and 22 independents." In fact, the are adding new HD movies by the end of January:

By the end of January, 70 HD movies will be available for customers to rent and watch instantly. More HD movies will be added to VUDU over the coming months as the studios make their films available.

Playback of the HD movies will be instant provided the Internet connection to the home network is consistently 4 Mbps or greater. Those with lower or fluctuating
 bandwidth will experience some delay before viewing can begin.

VUDU customers will be able to rent HD new releases for $US5.99 and HD classics for $US3.99. The offering will include recent releases such as A Mighty Heart, Blades of Glory, and Hostel: Part II (Unrated Version), as well as classic such as the Star Trek franchise.


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