Vote for Gizmodo in the 2008 Bloggies

errrrrrrg.jpegHey there. We've been nominated in the 2008 bloggies for categories such as Best Tech Blog, Lifetime Achievement and Best Design. Design aside, I do feel like we're to the point where we're pretty happy with the work we do. Just remember the X-Wing fighter rocket soaring into the sky, the Lego 50th anniversary story, our Bill Gates video interview, the first live shots of the 150-inch plasma, or the purdiest Apple liveblog photos around. For voting, I can't promise you the same Jet ride and Pony we did last year. Only the feeling of warm fuzziness you'd get and give from clicking on us in the 2008 Bloggies...well, I'd say it would probably feel somewhat like being tucked in that sweater with a kitty and the puppies. Thanks, and good night. [Vote for Giz, photo via Cute Overload]

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