Unnecessary: Spending $13,000 on a Coffee Machine

clover.pngPeople love coffee, I get it. But spending $US11,000 on a machine that produces one cup of "heavenly" coffee at a time is just plain stupid. It pours water over a bean people. The device was developed by Clover for cafe owners looking to charge a premium (like $25 apparently) for a regular cup of coffee. The machine works using an extremely fine filter on top of a piston that sinks into the machine. Over time, the piston will rise creating a vacuum that forces water through the grounds. More info and an additional pic after the break.

clover_2.jpgFinally, the sweet nectar flows into a single cup and into the eager hands of some coffee loving chump that just spent $25 on a friggin' cup of coffee. As you might imagine, the Clover coffee maker is only available at a limited number of locations. From my perspective, if a cafe owner can get people to spend outrageous money on a cup of coffee brewed using a $11k machine — more power to them. [Product Page via Chow via DVICE]

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