Universal Won't Support HD DVD Exclusively, Blu-ray Victory Imminent Says Variety

hd-dvd-downfall.jpgThe end of the war is near: Hollywood insider Daily Variety has confirmed that Universal will not longer exclusively support HD DVD. Following Warner defection to Blu-ray and reports clause that opens the door for Paramount to publish Blu-ray titles too, the end of Universal's exclusivity deal may be one blow to many for HD DVD. However, Universal is not going to stop publishing movies in the latter format:

According to Variety "Universal is committed to a series of HD DVD promotions in coming months." At this time, only Universal and Paramount support the format but no longer exclusively. Sony, Disney, Fox, Lionsgate, Warner, New Line and HBO are all behind Blu-ray. Variety also argues that, with all those studios behind the format, retailers won't dedicate "premium shelf space to a dying format."

Looks bad, HD DVD. It may be time to head to the bunker. [Variety]

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