Toshiba Press Conference Liveblog

IMG_2405wtmk.JPGWe're outside Toshiba's press conference, waiting to get in as they screen registered press from the unwashed and unregistered. (We showered.) Will Toshiba get up on stage and cry about the sad state of HD DVD? UPDATE: Yep, they cry salty, salty tears onstage! And show some new TVs—ultra-thin bezel and a 32-inch 1080p set. The fireworks start at 10am PST NOW!.

IMG_2410wtmk.JPG Looks like we are gonna see some new TVs and a few HD DVD players, and some laptops with HD DVD drives, so we'll see what's under the curtain in a few minutes.

President guy onstage: "We are surprised by Warner Bros. announcement" that they're dropping HD DVD and are "particularly disappointed" since HD DVD has gained "momentum" in the market. "We maintain the belief that HD DVD" is best for consumers. Sounds just like the press release!

VP of Digital A/V Marketing: "As you can imagine this is a tough day for me... I expected to come here today to share the successes of HD DVD..." "It's difficult for me to read all the pundits declare that HD DVD is dead, but we've been declared dead before." "HD DVD is the only format approved by the DVD Forum" so every one meets a standard. Translation: Blu-ray profile spec is a clusterf*ck. She looks like she's trying to not break down onstage or something. Stay strong!

IMG_2405wtmk.JPGWe're on TVs now. Not a good way to get people hyped: A quote that they aim to do a "common thing uncommonly well." Dynamic backlight control on all TVs this year for dyniamic contrast ratio. Regza is on 4th gen of Pixel Pure with a 10-bit processor. Gaming mode which drops video quality ("circumvents slect picture quality enhancement circuits") for faster response time on every Regza. IMG_2405wtmk.JPG

IMG_2405wtmk.JPG All Regzas get thinline Bezel—1.5-inch bezel at most. Regza RV530 1080p 4 HDMI 1.3 inputs, PC Input. 32-inch 1080p sets! Also 37, 42, 46, 52. March/April. XV540 gets 120Hz Anti-blur, film stabilization and new 5:5 pull-down. 10-bit LCD panel for 16,384 levels of gradation, wide color gamut. 52-inch XF550 LCD TV that crams in the same spot as a 46-inch with .9-inch super narrow bezel in black or chrome. Hot shiz.

Another shot of the ultra-thin bezel: IMG_2405wtmk.JPG
Holy crap it's already over— they didn't show off the other gear. We'll get up close with it, so check back soon. Check out how thin this sucker is—and no, I don't have fat fingers. IMG_2405wtmk.JPG

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