Tokyoflash Tibida Brings Sexy and Geeky Together in Spectacular Fashion

Tokyoflash%20Tibida%20Top%20GI.jpgOur pals over at Tokyoflash have given us the scoop on their newest, ultra-chic watch model. The new design, which will go by the Tibida moniker, boasts 42 white LEDs in its display. Sure, it looks completely outrageous, but we have come to expect nothing less. Hit the gallery below to check out what KITT would look like if he was involved in a serious road traffic incident, written off by the insurance company and then reincarnated into a timekeeping device with supernatural quantities of cool.

Tibida Tokyoflash 2 GI.jpgTokyoflash Tibida 3x GI.jpgTokyoflash Tibida 1 GI.jpg

The name Tibida indicates the three modes the watch can be put in; time, binary and date. Yes, it displays binary—Woz would be proud. So, how does it work?

• The hour-centric mode displays the hour in digits on the lower display and minutes on the upper, with each "minute LED" representing five-minute increments.

• The minute-centric mode displays the exact minutes as digits on the lower display, hours are shown along the top in a 12-hour format.

• The binary mode utilizes only the top display, with the ?rst lit LED representing the number 1. This is then doubled periodically, up to 32. Arrangements of the indicated numbers can then be read to give the time.

Sure, you may need a computer science degree, as well as the US$122 asking price, to be able to make proper use of the Tibida, but did you see what it looks like? Since when has utility come in the way of fashion for the image-obsessed Gizmodo readership? Available in either a polished stainless steel case, with a red, blue or black face or in a black plastic/orange combination, the only problem you are going to have, besides the whole time-telling thing, is picking a color to match your bloodshot, monitor-fixated eyes.

AU: Not sure when we'll see these in Australia... will check with the Australian distributor Tesora and update as soon as possible.[Tokyoflash]

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