The Road to CES: Liveblogs

Oh CES, how we love and despise you simultaneously. We love you because there's just so much electronic goodness in your stinky, sweaty halls; but we hate you because there's just so much stuff going on there that a person would have to spend a month to check out each and every gadget there. There's good news though: press conferences.

The majors consumer electronics companies (Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, etc.) will be showing off their badonkadonk guns at their press conferences, which are held at the start of CES, starting this weekend. That means you should tune in starting Saturday/Sunday for when the first news hits and we liveblog directly from Vegas, bringing you second-by-second coverage of the products you'll be buying in the next year. And if you see something you like in these press conferences, drop us a note and we'll get hands-on of those things on the show floor.

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