The Real Camera Behind Cloverfield

clovercamera.jpgFor those who've seen the unique monster movie Cloverfield, you know that the story is supposed to have been shot by the aptly-named character "Hud" with a cheapo handheld consumer camera. You know, something you could grab at Best Buy next weekend, use once and forget about forever. Convincing the audience of that point was one of the movie's most successful angles, since much of the film (yes, a few other cameras were used, too) was really shot on Sony's flagship, absolute top of the line CineAlta HD camera, the F23.

0a730fd1-6721-41bb-b242-8597273f750c.hmedium.jpgIt's a 1080p camera that shoots anywhere from 1P to 60P a second, so 24P shooting (the exact framerate of film) is no problem. As for what it records to...the movie claims the video was captured on an SD card.
CloverSD.jpgThat's not quite the case, since such a puny card could never write an uncompressed 4:4:4 (full color space) image in real time. Instead, filmmakers probably used Sony's SRW-1, which can hook directly to the camera to allow both easy shooting and recording speeds of 110MB/sec (versus an SD card's 20MB/sec).

So how much would it cost to score an F23 of your own? Sony hasn't made that number public, but their next camera down runs at US$115,000. And while we know Cloverfield's main character was a hotshot VP of some sort, he probably didn't invest that much into his Coney Island video* fund.

*You know, that movie he made to cover trying to shoot his girlfriend naked in the morning that seemed to tie the movie together so poignantly.


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