The Anti-MacBook Air Has All Necessary Ports

anti-macbook.jpgAnd the fourth angel sounded the trumpet, and a third of the sun and a third of the moon and a third of the stars were struck, and the Anti-MacBook Air was born, with an AMD processor, and all the necessary ports, and an optical drive, and a 120GB SATA hard drive, and fruit bats and even SoundBlaster Live! sound for just a mere $US600. And the adorers of the False God screamed in pain and tried to kill it with their razorbooks. And they failed, for the Notebuc was too powerful and awesome and mighty inside its huge black leather retro suitcase.

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Gastón Betancor, an electronic musician from Uruguay, is the designer of this beast, the Notebuc. A full PC inside a retro-styled pilot suitcase designed by himself and made by his father in law in wood, which he and his girlfriend bounded in leather.

He did it for a simple reason: not enough money to buy a laptop. He needed something truly portable to take to his music gigs and a desktop didn't cut it. So he designed the case and put every component needed inside. "It weights a ton, sadly, but it's only one box and one person can take it around instead of having to carry a whole desktop around," Gastón told us.

The guts are quite simple and cheap, well-suited for his music performances: an AMD 3200 process on a MSI K9VGM-V motherboard with 1GB de RAM and 120 GB SATA drive. The monitor is a simple 15" Viewsonic, and the only LED around is the one in the mouse. The total cost: $600. "It suits what I do," Betancor says, "and the other advantage is that it's cheaper to update than a laptop."

I asked him about getting a MacBook Air but, even if he had the money, he would probably pass: "if I get enough money to buy a laptop (and be sure of being able to keep it up to date,) I'll buy one. But not the Air. Something cheaper." For now, he's thinking about putting it in a smaller suitcase, although I can't see the point in a computer to be used in music gigs, where there's so many other things to carry around.

And besides, if there's one cool heir to the Osborne 1, the first commercially successful portable, this is it. [Beatncore]

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