Tesla Roadster Gets Street Legal Status, Crushed into a Pulp

Tesla%20Roadster%20Crash%20Test%20GI.jpgThe Tesla Roadster just had an appointment with the crash test dummies and a solid concrete wall. Good news—it got smashed up beyond recognition and is now street legal. The road to legality involved front and rear crash testing; windshield and rear view mirror visibility tests, as well as standard fittings compliance on vehicle parts. The automobile annihilation can be viewed in the gallery below.


This sort of destruction should not make us feel good, but the pictures are awesome and we can constantly hear Edward Norton's cold, monotone voice saying, "I felt like destroying something beautiful," as a slim justification. We should really speak to someone about Edward Norton's psychotic comments repeating themselves autonomously in our insane membrane regions. [Tesla via Valleywag]

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