Steampunk NERF Weaponry

1426108901_dd1c6d8a53.jpgFact: NERF glocks are way cooler than their gunpowder-based alternatives. And steampunk (like certain varieties of sharp orange cheese) makes everything better. That's why we're flipping out over these customised steampunk NERF guns by Chris Furniss (even though you may have seen them before). It doesn't appear that Furniss fabricated anything, and instead scraped off the toy logos and painted the pistols to looks like an aged mixture of metals.

Sadly, these two pistols don't appear to be for sale. And even if they were, we'd have probably purchased them first and then posted the link.

with other nerf creation.jpgpainting.jpgpainted.jpgoriginal gun and supplies.jpgfinished painting.jpgcompleted2.jpgcompleted1.jpg

[flickr via boingboing]

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