Splashpower Charger Lets You Charge Wirelessly, Lose That Wired Mess

spashpower-top.jpgWe have been harping on about Splash power's wireless charging solution from way back in 2003, but they have just showed as a working unit. Here's the surprise; it really works. The idea is simple, by plugging in a dongle into the base of your gadget, you are able to drop the device into a charging bay, and as soon as contact is made, charging begins. We like the look of the product—check the gallery for more shots.


The charging times are said to be exactly the same as that from a standard AC outlet, as the Splashpower bay and dongle utilises the inbuilt charging circuitry to power your low-juiced appliance by conduction. With pricing aimed at $115 for the base station, and about $20 for each additional dongle, competition with the folks at WildCharge ($US59.99 base / $US34.99 adapters), is going to be fierce. Nevertheless, Splashpower's in with a chance. For one, the dongles look a little more workable than WildCharge's adapters, even if the bases are not as cool. Expect the Splashpower to drop in Q3 '08. [Splashpower]

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