Spaceariums Put All Other Aquariums to Shame

spaceaqua.jpgAquariums are pretty neato decorations, even if you need to imprison a bunch of fish that your kids will try to emancipate after they see Finding Nemo. But if you think a regular old aquarium is cool, take a gander at the Spacearium. Suspended from the ceiling, lit up all slick-like, and can be used as a room divider if you so desire.


These things are pretty thin, but depending on how long you order yours to be, it can hold between 208 and 276 litres of water (fresh or salt, depending on your preference). A nice touch is being able to keep the external filtration system up to 4.5 metres away, keeping the tank itself nice and pristine. You'll pay dearly, however, as these bad boys will run you between $US4,900 and $US8,400, and that's before you start buying fish for the damned thing. [Product Page via Dvice]

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