SoundTech Ediface Will Play Guitar Hero With Real Guitar

guitarwireless.jpgSoundTech, makers of some interesting computer/music peripherals, has announced a new guitar attachment called the Ediface. So what's it do? How about giving your guitar all the flexibility of a synthesizer, converting notes to trumpets the headline says...playing Guitar Hero and Rock Band with your real guitar?

Windows XP and Mac compatible, the Ediface works as pickups to measure the notes being played by the guitar. Once the Ediface detects the note, it replaces the real sound with MIDI and, through that device you see in the picture, switches in any alternate instrumentation you may desire (ala synthesizer).

As for Guitar Hero and Rock Band support, it's really not all the difficult from here. Users simply program the corresponding colours/notes to the real notes they'd like to play on the guitar (like the first 5 frets of the top string). SoundTech is developing adapters for all major platforms to plug into the Ediface and make this all possible.

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