Sonoro cubo fusion and elements iPod Docks and Clocks Are Sexier Than Most

sonorodock.jpgWhat's What: With Sonoro's cubo line of do-it-all music/clock boxes, looks are the hook. Black, shiny with soft lights, they kind of remind us of Belkin's N1 Vision router. Well, they're European too. The flagship cubo is the fusion, which has an iPod dock on top, in addition to the CD Player, alarm clock, radio set. The elements is more stripped down—you dock the iPod w/ an optional attachment, though one version has internet internet radio.


What's Bleh: They don't do anything most other wares in the category does—aesthetics are their raison d'tre. Plus, the top-of-the-line fusion is inexplicably missing the elements' internet radio support.

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