Smoker Bell Keeps Nicotine Addicts Happy...but it Doesn't Go Far Enough

smoker_bell.jpgInstead of treating smokers like outcasts, Paris architect Florian Brillet is embracing them with a new design that is intended to keep them comfortable while enjoying a smoke outdoors. The Smoker Bell is a helmet-like covering that includes a drink stand and an articulated arm that can be attached to the exterior of buildings. Plus, it is big enough to accommodate two people as they slowly kill themselves with nicotine and caffeine.

smoker_bell_2.jpgMy viewpoint on this concept piece is that it doesn't go far enough in its quest to help smokers deal with the endless restrictions society has been placing on them. What they need to do is bring the device indoors and completely enclose the helmet covering. That way, smokers wouldn't have to go outside for a quick fix, and they could enjoy the sweet tobacco smoke over and over as it circulates around the interior. And if two people are in there —that's what I call flavour country. [Dezeen]

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