Slingbox Pro HD Brings Full 1080i HD Streaming To Your Home (Hands-on Impressions)

slingprohd.jpgThe Slingbox Pro HD takes the previous year's Slingbox Pro and Pro HD Connect and takes it to the next level, allowing you to watch full HD video anywhere inside the house.


It supports 16:9 widescreen video, as well as four input-output sets (ATSC, S-video, composite video and component video, along with analog or digital audio out). If you've got a fast enough Ethernet network (most should be unless you're throwing files around concurrently) or a fast enough Wi-Fi network, you can view the full 1080i video on your laptop or a spare TV.

We got to put our hands on it earlier in the week, and the unit itself looked and felt nice (the black looks a bit nicer than the earlier units' designs). We didn't get to see it in motion just yet, but we'll give it a whiz at CES. This'll be available in August '08 at $US399.

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