Sky Commuter Aircraft Prototype Flies High, Shatters Dreams

Flying%20Commuter%20Aircraft%20GI.jpgA prototype flying car, dubbed Sky Commuter Aircraft, has been listed for sale on eBay. The vehicle, which has an electric gas assisted lexan bubble canopy, electric controlled directional driving and landing lights, electric joystick, dual foot pedals for double pilot based controls and an advanced Carbonfiber and Kevlar front dash shell, marks the potential end to the oft visited, flying automobile dreams.

The concept racked up the expenses, to date it has had $US6 million spent on bringing it to fruition; an expense which the developers, Boeing, are now viewing as a great waste. The project began in the 1980s, has had sixty investors and the production plant produced only three concept aircrafts before the facility was closed down for unknown reasons. The entire works, however, are all present in the one prototype that is now for sale, which escaped destruction as it was not based at the main plant when everything was systematically destroyed.

If you have a few million dollars lying spare, why not get yourself in on some vertical flight and landing action? Here is hoping the purchaser keeps the development going. After all, what do we have to look forward to in our meaningless lives if we cannot pin our hopes on living life like the Jetsons? [eBay via Boing Boing]

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