Sima IR Camera Light is Essential Aid for Wildlife Watchers, Perverts

Sima%20IR%20Add%20On%20GI.jpgWe had you at "perverts," right? Well, here's the deal; we just had some hands on time with Sima's IR light for cameras. The device promises to shed a whole host of light in areas that are missing the sun-like goodness. Although we did not get to use it in optimum conditions, i.e. in an area with no light, we did get a hold of the device and have a good grope. Check the gallery to see what the next weapon in your voyeuristic arsenal will look like.

Sima IR 1 GI.JPGSima IR 3 GI.JPGSima IR 6 GI.JPGSima IR 4 GI.JPGSima IR 5 GI.JPGSima IR 2 GI.JPG

We are waiting for a full hands on with the device before we pass judgment. I offer myself up to test the IR light peripheral; waking up with Benny leaning over me in the middle of night has become a little disconcerting. Expect to be updated when we have some new information. (About Sima's product, not Benny's sexual predation.)

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