Sanyo PLC-XF47, World's Brightest LCD Projector

brightproj4.JPGTwo things you should know about the Sanyo PLC-XF47:

1. It's big, really big, reminding us of a home real theatre projector.
2. It really is really freaking bright.

Our impressions:


Sanyo's PLC-XF47 pushes 15,000 lumens—that's double many top rated projectors on the market. And you can see the brightness. Our comparison shots next to one of Sanyo's LCDs show it. Even under the show floor's intense luminescence, the projector was outbrighting the LCD. The effect really was like watching a big television, without the colors getting washed out by ambient light.

Of course, there is one thing to keep in mind. Many projectors lower their lumens in search of better contrast ratios. So the black levels suffered, but hey, at least you could see the image at all.

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