Samsung Thinks They "Know What Women Want," Releases Two Fashion Phones

SGHL310320.jpgAccording to Samsung, the SGH-L310 and SGH-L320 are specially made for women because "they know what women want:" mobile phones with "female applications" inside like a shopping list function, a perfume-matching system and a calorie counter. Of course there's techy stuff like Bluetooth, 2 mega pixel cameras and concealed external screens too, but the slightly patronizing PR is just too much for us to take.


So the shopping list function might come in useful for any user, and the perfume system sounds strange: its suggestions are based on your favourite food, drinks and so on. But the calorie counter seems just a little bit like girly stereotyping, in a 1970s kind of way.

The black and gold SGH-L310 clamshell at least has an unusual S-shaped hinge design, an external OLED alert screen hidden beneath some scroll patterns, and a crystal-decorated camera. The more discrete SHG-L320 has a shape that reminds us of a Motorola PEBL (designed to be "easy to grip", in case you were wondering), and a two-tone polished finish.

In terms of real specs, there's nothing really remarkable here: both phones have GPRS, EDGE and are tri-band; both play MP3s and AACs, have a 2 mega pixel camera and take a micro SD card for expansion. The L310 has a 1.8 inch TFT display, and USB 2.0/Bluetooth 2.0, whereas the L320 seems to be built around a different chassis, with a 1.9 inch screen and USB 1.1. Both will be available in Russia in February, the L310 at €240 ($402) and the L320 at €220 ($369), with sales expanding into Europe later in the year. [Samsung]

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