Samsung Says Phooey to 1080p, Goes 4x Better with Quad HD

samsung_quad_hd.jpgAfter boring us to tears with matters of little import at a jam-packed press event at CES, behind the scenes, Samsung was prepping the real stuff. Top of the list: A Quad HD TV with a rez of 3840x2160, twice as sharp vertically and horizontally as today's best 1080p sets.

We'd like to take a look at such video, but too bad there's no broadcaster or disc that can play back such a torrent of data.

What about playing that kind of video from a PC? Wow, would that be sharp, or what? It's not up to that stratospheric Super Hi-Vision's 7680x4320, but halfway there would do, and perhaps be close to practical within the next decade. We'll be on the lookout for Samsung's Quad HD on the show floor and in the back rooms, so stay tuned. [PC World]

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