Samsung Announces Z510 Series of Wireless Home-Theatre-in-a-Box Systems

HT-Z512.jpgSamsung just dropped three new 5.8GHz wireless Home-Theatre-in-a-Box systems in the new Z510 series. First there's the HT-Z510, which comes with a receiver, a sub and four small satellite speakers. The Z512 (pictured) swaps out two of those small satellites for tallboy speakers, and the Z515 has four tallboys and no small satellites. No word on pricing, but all three will be available in April. Full press release after the jump.

Z510 Series Samsung offers three models in this 5.1-channel Home Theater series that include wireless out-of-the-box speakers with 5.8 GHz technology. Consumers do not have to go through a complicated set-up but can immediately begin enjoying the freedom of wireless home audio speaker. Z510 Series consists of the HT-Z510, which features four satellite speakers; the HT-Z512, which features two satellites and two tallboys; and the HT-Z515, which has four tallboys. In addition to the connectivity and next-generation technology detailed earlier, each includes a five-disc, 1080p-upconverting DVD player and Auto Sound Calibration to deliver exceptional sound in any type of room. The HT-Z510 delivers 400 watts of power, while the HT-Z515 doubles that, in addition to featuring wireless-ready rear speakers for added convenience.

The HT-Z510, HT-Z512 and HT-Z515 will be available April 2008.

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