Rumour Update: Sony Killing Off 80GB PS3?

Rumour Update: <em>Sony</em> Killing Off 80GB PS3?

ps3dead.jpgYesterday, word was that Best Buy is days away from dropkicking the 80GB PS3 off its shelves. Today, the PS3 80 jumps from the “threatened” to the “endangered” list—Game Daily Biz says another major retailer confirms something is indeed “afoot” with 80GB supplies. And an analyst translates “afoot” to mean “impending doom.” But, there’s a kink in this kerfluffle.

The probably overpaid Janco Partners analyst thinks Sony is putting the plastic bag over the 80GB PS3's head "because it has failed to meet internal sales projections." Fair reasoning, except that the 80-gig model outsold the cheaper 40-gig version last quarter according to the NPD. Shocker, right? It surprised me, GDB and Sony, apparently.

So what exactly is going on with the PS3? Or Sony's head? [Game Daily Biz]