Rumour: Best Buy Dumping 80GB PS3, Will Only Sell 40GB Version

ps340only.jpgOne of the nice things about the Wii is that there's only version to buy. Luckily for Best Buy shoppers in the market for a PS3, they're about to get that same convenience. According to a supposedly leaked internal memo, Best Buy is only going to carry the non-backward-compatible 40GB version of the PS3 as of the end of this month. Shitcanning the 80GB model makes sense, actually.

PS3 sales didn't really get going until it hit the US$399 pricepoint, and it undoubtedly outsells the more expensive 80GB version far and away, which is just sucking up Best Buy's valuable shelf space that could be used for, say, more 40GB models. White ones. See, fans of "choice," Sony has you covered. Everyone likes picking colours. [PS3Fanboy via Max Console]

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