Ripple-Mini PC Packs an Awful Lot of Computing into $150

Ripple%20Mini%20ITX%20GI.jpgThose Koreans sure do get spoiled on the technology front; check out Ripple's Ripple-Mini PC, for example. The device, which will retail for a shockingly low €90 ($150), will pack in an Intel Celeron M215 (1.33GHz), 1GB RAM, SiS 662 North Bridge and SiS 964L South Bridge, all in a dinky 20x300x220mm, Mac mini-esque case. Hit the gallery for some more shots.


We just cannot get over the price of this machine. Sure, it may be far off from an 8-core super beast, but given the spec, it is firmly in Everex's gPC territory. Given the price, it is firmly in a class of its own. We know the currency conversion rates mean even if it did come to US shores, (don't count on it), it would be priced a lot higher, but the tech per dollar bang would still be very impressive. Gosh, those lucky Koreans get all the cheap technology goodness. [Akihabara News]

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