's CES Rap Sums Up This Week Nicely, I Think

Honestly, at this point, after so little sleep, I can't tell whether or not this is a brilliant, hilarious take on CES or the worst thing I've ever seen. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt, as even if I wasn't delirious with exhaustion I'd think a guy trying to rap with a mouthful of champagne was pretty hilarious. Hit the jump for the full lyrics.

CES is flashy, it's the crème de la crème No other converntion can nerd it up like them Camcorders, digital cams, and cell phones galore Let me be your gadget guide, let me take you to the floor

I gots a Canon HV30 that shoots 24P
And here's a Sony SR12, it's an H-Double-D
Panasonic's SD9, the smallest HD cam
Widescreen in my pocket is how I like to jam

Here's the EX-F1, the fastest double shot
60 images per second, I gots to say that's hot
This baby captures video, 300fps, G
Casio's the Jeff Gordon of technology

Now is the better of the best
Scientific testing is the treasure in our chest
We take these hot new toys and in the grinder we toss them
Then we jam out hot reviews like a factory of awesome

The desert, in the pressroom, I want the latest gimmick
Hook me up with waterproofing and dust detect this limerick
In Las Vegas girls be jonesin' for that 50x optical zoom
Let's test its focal legnth in my Bellagio room

Face Detection, OIS, GSM, and DPI
You got so much gadget glam, it be maklin' me want to cry
Get the Puffs Magic Lotion, I want pixel commotion
That Backlight Compensation is like coconut lotion
Drop the scientific bomb
Drop the scientific bomb
Drop the scientific bomb
We're hotter than your mum

All you manufacturers better know what's up spills Cristal and then laps it up
We're the most comprehensive, the illest in pensive
Our reviews are so in-depth they'll make you super hypertensive

So now I gots to go, my Ford Focus is waitin'
It's chock full of booth babes who want some datin'
CES is magic, it's where dreams are made
Peace and love to you on your gadget crusade
Drop the scientific bomb
Drop the scientific bomb
Drop the scientific bomb
We're hotter than your mum


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