Revenge on Boss: Sell Her iPod touch on eBay

stolen_ipod.jpgHowever unbearable your work environment is, it could be worse. For instance, this network/systems administrator in a district courthouse somewhere in Louisiana hates his boss so much that he's apparently stolen her iPod touch right out from under her and now he's selling it on eBay.

"You might think I didn't really take her iPod but it 'came up missing' and nobody in the office knows where it is. She should lock her office more often... I'm just seeking some comfort to what I consider a horrible work environment. Maybe a small vacation to evacuate this heck hole for a week. Hot Springs Arkansas or something."

This one has us scratching our heads. Doesn't this perpetrator know that eBay is a public auction site frequented by millions of people?

He doesn't actually admit he stole this iPod, but he comes close. Certainly this violates eBay's terms of service. Anyway, the opening bid is inexplicably $US550, way more than the $400 price of this 16GB iPod touch. Sounds like the Darwin Awards might be interested in this one. Seeking comfort? It's not going to be too comfortable being unemployed and in prison for larceny. [eBay]

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