Redfly Mobile Companion is the Palm Foleo For Windows Mobiles

Celio%20REDFLY%20Mobile%20Companion%20and%20phone.jpgRemember the Palm Foleo? This REDFLY Mobile Companion is just like that, except it's for Windows Mobile phones. The MC looks like a small 8-inch screen laptop (styled in Famicom colours), has a keyboard and touchpad, but weighs 860 grams and measures 9x6x1-inches. The point of this? To hook up to your Windows Mobile phone via USB or Bluetooth in order to "extend the smartphone platform to a larger display, keyboard, and mouse", essentially what the Foleo was trying to do.

The good news is that this has an eight hour battery life and can power your cellphone on the go, plus has USB ports so you can store your data via USB flash drives and not have to burden your phone with it. The price: $US499 directly from Celio in March. I don't know—the Palm Foleo wasn't all that bad, even if its use was limited to a very small segment of the market that relied on their smartphones instead of a full-sized laptop to send/receive email and work on documents on the go. The same segment that doesn't have an ultra-portable like an Eee PC.

We can't say whether or not it'll be successful for everyone (unlikely), but for the people whose needs are met by the Mobile Companion, it could be quite nifty. We'll check it out in person at CES. [Celio]

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