Real-World Calvin Builds Snow Machine, Creates Backyard Mountain Overnight

lolkid.jpgForest Pearson is a 10-year-old who saved US$500 to build a snow-making machine from scratch. Forest Pearson is also our hero, who will probably grow to build a 100-person Jacuzzi on top of Everest. This real-world Calvin put together the machine using a 30-gallon air compressor and a pressure washer, with spray nozzles that throw perfect snow powder. The machine may look simple in the following the image, but the results are stunning Update: now with video:




His mum said: "He's watching a molecular process happening here, he's creating a climatic event. It's incredible." I don't know what's more incredible: the mum being cool about Forest creating a huge mountain of snow in their backyard or the fact that she's talking about it all as "molecular process."

Forest, if you are reading this, contact us. Brian needs a ski slope to practice his snowboarding on in San Francisco. [Katu and Oregon Live]

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