RealEase Shogo Frame Is First With Touchscreen and Wi-Fi

RealEase Shogo Frame Is First With Touchscreen and Wi-Fi

Shogo_Frame.jpgThough we’re prone to turn our nose up at the majority of digital picture frames, this one doesn’t smell so bad. The Euro-born Shogo by RealEase is like an oversized PDA with built-in Wi-Fi and an intuitive touch interface. You can subscribe to public Flickr feeds, download weather forecasts, stream internet radio. Like some other frames, you can share pictures from one Shogo to another, using a Web interface. Surprisingly, the thing didn’t cost a hell of a lot for all of its advantages: the 8″ model, with remote, costs $US299. Jump for full gallery of UI shots and a press release. [Shogo]


Shogo Poised To Revolutionize The Digital Picture Frame Market

January 07, 2008–2008 International Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas– Global technology company RealEase today announced the availability of Shogo, its revolutionary flagship product that is the world’s first touch-screen WiFi-integrated digital picture frame. A unique lifestyle device, Shogo brings digital content such as pictures, music, Internet radio, weather forecast and data directly to you– without the need of a PC or any technical knowledge.

“It’s our goal to bring digital content to everyone in the family in the comfort of their home anywhere around the world without the hassle and limitations of today’s digital photo frame products,” explains Daniel Schneersohn, RealEase CEO. “Our design point was to make a digital picture frame product easy enough for grandparents and parents to automatically share family pictures and a product flexible enough for teenagers to be able to access and broadcast their favorite Internet content to friends. Shogo is a living digital photo frame that packs all this and more capabilities into a simple, stylish, easy-to-operate mobile form factor.”

Introducing Shogo and the service

Shogo is the world’s first touch-screen WiFi-integrated lifestyle digital picture frame with a number of groundbreaking category-first features. Its touch-screen and simple user interface makes it very easy to use and navigate its menus to select various photo albums and other content for viewing. The integrated battery means no more wires and makes it easy to use your Shogo as a portable digital photo album that can be shared with family and friends anywhere around the house. Shogo’s high-resolution digital panels provide superior picture quality and its large internal memory offers unsurpassed storage that can hold up to thousands of pictures.

For the first time, the new Shogo digital frame makes it possible for everyone to easily receive and share pictures as well as content remotely frame to frame. With its Shogo Friend capability, you can share your favorite shots from your Shogo, instantly and with one or multiple friends without a PC.

Every Shogo frame is easily managed from the free portal, an internet-based portal that is fully integrated with major photo portal sites such as Flickr, Picasa, SmugMug and .Mac.

From an industry perspective, is a fully functional Internet-based content provisioning service that provides back end web-based services that automatically “update” each frame with pictures and other digital content such as weather forecasts and RSS feeds. From the user’s perspective, it’s like magic: with, you can manage your mother or grandmother’s Shogo frame remotely. And with the “Shogo Friend” capability, you can share your favorite shots from your Shogo, instantly and with one or multiple friends without a PC.

With the Shogo digital frame and the subscription service, managing content and getting connected to people around you has never been so easy.

The global market for digital picture frames is expected to explode, going from 2.8 million units in 2006 up to 42.3 million units by 2011 (according to IDC)***. Shogo is well-positioned in the market, especially as WiFi connectivity becomes more pervasive and it offers valuable functionality and sex appeal that has been missing in existing products available in the market today.

“To date, the digital picture frame has been a decorative gift with limited functionality that is soon stored away in the family closet,” said Schneersohn. “We believe Shogo is well placed to do for digital picture frames what the iPod* did for the pervasiveness of the mp3 world.”

Shogo is expected to be available in US retail outlets in spring 2008 at an MSRP of $299 for a touch-screen, WiFi version.

About RealEase

Shogo developer RealEase was founded in 2005 by an international team of experienced senior management, technology engineers and marketers to design, manufacture and market innovative tech-products with unique applications for both the home and enterprise. RealEase has centred its Design and Research & Development division for software and web services in France. Its manufacturing base and hardware development centres are in Shenzhen, China and headquarters are in Hong Kong. For more information about Shogo or RealEase please visit /