Psychedelic iTube Speaker With Built-In Viagra Mode Gives You a Bigger Dock

itube.jpgHokay: the iTube looks like it is the 21st-century version of the Lava Lamp. A 30-inch-tall iPod speaker with 360º speakers and special effects that react to your tunes, the iTube connects up to either an MP3 player or your stereo, and you can control the psychedelic levels of its LED lights and bubble blower via remote control. Video and more info below.

Er, did the voice behind the disembodied hand waving around the RC just refer to two of the light effects as "Tylenol" and "Viagra?" There's also an aromatherapy function for the full-on Julie Patchouli effect. Cost is US$249 from Aquallusion. [GeekAlerts via TFTS]

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