P-Per Cellphone Concept is too Perfect to be True

pper.jpgThose fellows at the Chocolate Design Agency have come up with another smashing concept. This time they have gone to work on creating the best phone, ever. The design is modelled around the same E-Paper Slap Bracelet we saw earlier, but this time the e-paper system—four layers of sustainable material, and an Organic Radical battery—is put to use in the P-Per mobile phone concept, which shows a transparent display for camera mode and a browser that spans the entire surface of the display. Checkout the video after the jump to see what all the fuss is about.

pper mobile 3.jpgpper mobile 2.jpg

Frankly, it looks better than anything we have ever seen. It looks better than the iPhone. It looks better than a Vertu. Hell, it even looks better than a lovechild that resulted due to an illicit relationship between an iPhone and a Vertu, which subsequently underwent plastic surgery to work out any gold-clad imperfections. We want. [Swongled]

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