Pimp My Dell Mod Burns Our Eyes, Plates Our Teeth

final3.jpgWe'll give it an A for effort. But man, this "Pimp My Dell" case mod is...well let's just say that it has "Dell" written in rhinestones. And it's covered in what we believe to be 35% of the world's supply of gold spray paint. The "pimp inside" logo, however, is admittedly fantastic.

For those who love Cadillacs and what is sure to be a few years worth of paint-high, today is your day. For those who want to know what's actually under the hood, hit the jump.

Dell 7Dell 6Dell 5Dell 4Dell 3Dell 2Dell 1

Cpu: Intel Celeron 1.4 ghz Powerleap 370->Slot1 Adapter Motherboard: Dell GX1 Memory: 512MB PC133 Video: ATI Radeon 7000 32 megs PCI Hard drives: 80GB (Ubuntu 7.04 installed) Optical drives: 16x LG DVD/RW + Spare CDROM Network: Onboard 10/100 Ethernet Ports: Serial, Parallel Printer, 5 USB v2.0 (1 internal) Audio: Diamond XtremeSound 5.1 Power Supply: ATX 200W Power Supply

Software: Operating System: Ubuntu 7.04 with most recent patches applied. Office Software: OpenOffice 2.2 DVD Playback: VLC

Yeah, it's kind of a clunker. There's basically a gerbil running around, powering Ubuntu in between frantic sips of his water bottle. [bestcasescenario via gizmowatch]

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