Pick Yer Low-Frill Nikon CoolPix Cam: US$130 L18 or US$230 P60

Nikon_CoolPix_L18_P60.jpgFor every super sexy, super slim, multicoloured point-and-shoot, there's a meat-and-potatoes model aimed at classrooms and people on tighter budgets. Nikon's US$130 CoolPix L18 comes in blue or red and has some nice enhancements like in-camera redeye removal. The retro-styled CoolPix P60 costs US$100 more, because it has a 5X optical zoom lens and an impressive 200,000-dot electronic viewfinder. With some manual controls, it's aimed at people who want to fiddle more, but don't want to break the bank. Both cameras run on AA batteries and have 8-megapixel sensors. [Nikon]

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